Sound insulation floatroom®: 49 dB!

§ 126 social code requires a noise level of 40 db/a, with 80 db sound exposure (= sound insulation 40 db)

Empty the construction site: done!

Building up and integrating (also into an existing audiology or optician store) is quick and easy

Every shape, size and equipment is possible!

The floatroom.system offers a wide range of equipment and – depending on requirements – suitable room types.

Patented, tested and proven!

The innovative room-in-room system is patented in the most important european states and is in continuous use by many top audiologists

what is the floatroom® and why is there this acoustically floating room?

Imagine a 200 sqm empty shop shell: there is a continuous concrete ceiling and floor, no partition walls and surrounding shop window fronts. In front of your inner eye stands the birthplace of the floatroom®, the later audiology store Kaps and Lütje in the Bavarian town of Schwandorf.

Exactly at this location the inventor of this special room concept, Henning Tartsch, had a simple but fundamentally new idea for optimal protection against airborne- and impact sound: He planned and built the audiology rooms in such a way that they do not touch the surrounding building walls, with their own sound insulation ceilings that do not touch the existing concrete ceiling and with an impact decoupled floor. That was the birth of the acoustically floating room, the floatroom®.

Over the years, the innovative room-in-room concept has been continuously developed further. Today the floatroom® is a patented high-tech product whose individual components are perfectly matched to each other, right up to a silently air-conditioned, permanently ventilated and perfect working room with views outside and daylight.

quality comes only from quality!

the hearing aid manufacturers phonak and signia choose only the best quality in their research and product development: the audiology departments of the corporate headquarters in stäfa and erlangen have silently air-conditioned floatrooms.

also quality-conscious traditional audiologists know: quality comes exclusively from quality. in order to provide their clients with the best possible individual hearing, the top acousticians rely on the floatroom. and anyone who has ever worked as a professional in such an acoustic room would not want to do without it again!

the floatroom family consists of four products:


probably the best standardised acoustic room in the world offers the necessary sound insulation against airborne and impact sound for high-quality measurements. the basic idea is a room-in-room system whose walls and ceiling do not touch the surrounding room and which has its own impact sound insulating floor (= acoustically floating room = floatroom). the acoustic professionals are offered very comfortable work in an acoustic room of almost any size and shape (with daylight, optionally completely silent air-conditioned and ventilated) for professional work.


you do not have a impact sound problem? then the floatroom does not need its own floor or soundproof ceiling. the wall systems are stretched from the upper edge of the (necessarily) load-bearing existing floor to the lower edge of the (necessarily solid) raw concrete ceiling.


this room is indeed an unparalleled listening experience and offers, in addition to the advantages and equipment mentioned above, perfect room acoustics because no wall is parallel to another: There are no room echoes and the standing acoustic waves are distributed more evenly throughout the room.


the floatroom.light.special also offers perfect room acoustics, because no wall is parallel to the other walls. There are no room echoes and the standing acoustic waves are distributed more evenly throughout the room. the floatroom.light.special does not have its own floor or sound insulation ceiling. the wall systems are used from the upper edge of the load-bearing existing floor to the lower edge of the raw concrete ceiling.

The measured sound insulation even surprised the measurement engineer

Already the first presentation of this new audible room at EUHA 2008 in Leipzig provided a surprising experience for the audiology audience. and the results of the acoustic measurements commissioned in 2011 also astaunded the responsible measurement engineer with an average sound insulation value of 52 dB.

It is therefore not surprising that the latest audiology rooms, developed by hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, are three noislesly air-conditioned floatrooms® each 24 square metres in size. And signia (formerly siemens) has faith in also two noislesly air-conditioned floatrooms.spezial, installed at the company headquarters in erlangen. Quality is convincing.

Your advantages at a glance:

/ compliance with legal regulations
/ optimal measuring results
/ perfect fitment conditions
/ excellent working conditions
/ no intrusion in the surrounding building substance
/ fits into every environment
/ any desired shape and size
/ partially or fully equipped
/ permanently air-conditioned
/ electrified and IT-networked
/ with or without daylight
/ customer acquisition and retention
/ recruitment and retention of employees
/ patented

The audiologist and optician holger schier: it couldn’t be faster or easier!

Implementing the floatroom® into your shop is quick and uncomplicated. all you need is empty space. after ordering, the floatroom® it is delivered and assembled on site in a short time. the floatroom® can be used in newly built shops as well as in stores that are already in operation. in most cases, it is not necessary to close down the business.

A location in the middle of a store or even directly behind a shop window becomes really interesting. the room-in-room system unfolds its full visual effect and can be used excellently for your own marketing. we are also happy to support our customers with advertising material.

With all this possibilities, it’s hardly surprising that the floatroom® is also ordered by opticians who want to expand their business including audiology. with the floatroom® and our furnishing solutions the and the wireless, customers have everything they need to integrate audiology immediately and very professionally.

Probably the best standardized audiology room in the world: the floatroom®

the floatroom®  is in continuous use in the head quarter and the two shops of the böhler hearing centre. alone 6 floatroom® are installed at the headquarters in halderstraße in Augsburg. that’s why we’re letting the industry-famous hearing acoustics entrepreneur jürgen böhler speak at this point:

“As far as measuring and fitting rooms are concerned, I would only consider the floatroom®. I have already equipped my third specialist shop with this special room-in-room system. the silent air conditioning also runs during measurements. the floatroom® offers perfect working conditions and thus a quality that neither I nor my team will be able to do without in the future.”


With the acoustic table wireless designed for face-to-face consulting, the tangle of cables in your acoustic cabin is over: the system brings order into the acoustic room and organises work processes.

More and more audiologists want to sit in the acoustic cabin next to the customer in order to have direct access to their ears.

These customers already trust us:

Ackermann Akustikum (Norderstedt), Audition Confort (Carouge), Die Binders (Böblingen), Hörzentrum Böhler (Augsburg, Gersthofen, Neusäß), Dachauer Hörakustik, Der Ohrladen (Hockenheim), Dittrich Hörakustik (Fulda), Hörsysteme by Eyewear (Wahlstedt), Frey & Bührer (2 x freiburg, breisach), Hörfeeling (Salzburg), Gerspach Auge und Ohr (Bad Säckingen und Rickenbach), Akustik Gramm (Böheimkirchen), Hepp. mein Sehen. mein Hören. (Singen), Hörhaus Kaps und Lütje (Schwandorf, Nabburg, Neunburg vorm Wald, Oberviechtach), Köllmer Hörgeräte (Bad Kissingen), Die Hörakustik Konstanz, Hörtechnik Hübner (Maintal), Hörakustik Kufs (Borna), Hören Körber (Osterhofen), Lemke Hören (Neuulm), Hörgeräte Ligmann (Essen), Mahringer Augenoptik und Hörgeräte (Traun), Der Hörladen Pfinztal, Kerstin Ritter Hörgeräte (Morbach), Romstötter Hören & Sehen (Bad Reichenhall), Hörwelt Rothbart (Metzingen), Hörstudio Schirner (Hilden und Haan), Hörakustik Schnurbusch (Lünen), Hörgeräte Steudler (Dresden und Görlitz), Strebel & Hiltwein Auge und Ohr (Tübingen), Hörgeräte Thiel (Saarbrücken-Dudweiler), Hörgeräte Vogt (Calw), Widmaier Akustik (Weil der Stadt), Hörakustik Winterthur, Zickenheiner Hörakustik (Lörrach)

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